Lebenswert Bio Organic Formula – the Best Choice for Baby


  • NO GMO ingredients
  • NO added flavors, preservatives or colors
  • Ingredients sourced from biodynamic farms
  • NO chemicals or synthetic fertilizers
  • Certified organic by the EU and Bioland Association
  • Cruelty free
  • Gluten free
  • NO added sugars
  • Easy to digest


Biodynamic Farming at it’s Best


Like their parent company, Holle Organics, Lebenswert is committed to providing the safest and highest quality products available. Organic ingredients are regularly subjected to quality testing, and whenever possible, are sourced from biodynamic farms located throughout Germany and Italy.


What is biodynamic farming? Biodynamic farming is a century old ethical, holistic, and ecological approach to farming based on the insights and ideas of Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Biodynamic farmers strive to create a balanced ecosystem in which animals, plants, soil, and community are valued and respected.


On a biodynamic farm, the soil is not stripped of its natural qualities or damaged from the use of synthetic fertilizers, livestock is allowed to graze freely, and plants are not hybrid.


Superior Quality Testing and Certification


All of Lebenswert’s baby formulas are tested and controlled throughout the entire manufacturing process by both the Bioland Association and the European Union (EU), which controls the processing, production, and labeling of EU certified organic products. The Bioland Association has more than 5,900 farmers, beekeepers, winemakers, and gardeners participating in the biodynamic way of farming, making it the leading association for organic farming in Germany.


What’s the Difference Between Lebenswert and Holle Formulas?


Although Lebenswert is owned by parent company, Holle, the company manufactures and produces its own line of products. Lebenswert organic infant formulas are very similar to Holle baby formulas in many ways, but there are some slight differences.


The biggest difference between how Lebenswert and Holle manufacture their products is the source of their organic ingredients. Lebenswert sources ingredients from biodynamic farms and Holle sources their ingredients from Demeter certified farms, the largest certification organization for biodynamic farming. Demeter International established the first certification program for organically produced foods in 1928 and continues to be one of the leading organizations promoting the farm as a living “holistic organism.”


When comparing Lebenswert to Holle formulas, you will also find a difference in the use of maltodextrin and starch. Lebenswert stage 1 formula does not contain maltodextrin, however, stage 2 and stage 3 formulas do contain maltodextrin (stage 3 also contains starch). All of Holle’s organic infant formulas contain maltodextrin, and stage 2, 3, and 4 contain starch.


Lebenswert Baby Formula Usage


Lebenswert recommends breast milk be offered for the first six months, however, individuals who cannot breastfeed will find the company’s line of infant formulas suitable from birth on.


Lebenswert Bio organic infant formula Stage 1 – complete mother’s milk substitute from birth to six months

Lebenswert Bio organic infant formula Stage 2 – formulated to the adjusting needs of growing infants from six to 10 months

Lebenswert Bio organic infant formula Stage 3 – adapted to the nutritional needs of infants 10 months and older