Why We Love Babylove

Why We Love Babylove


Why We Love Babylove

At, we can’t stress enough how important it is to choose a natural and safe organic formula. It’s quite shocking to learn what manufacturers put in popular brands of baby formula and we are passionate about providing our customers with a healthy alternative to these unsafe infant formulas. We’ve recently expanded our formula selection to include Babylove – a bio organic formula from Europe.


Made According to EU Eco-Regulation Standards


DM, one of Germany’s most trusted brands, manufactures Babylove infant formulas according to strict European Union (EU) Eco-regulation standards. (EU organic standards are much higher than U.S. organic standards.) As the company states, “all Babylove products meet stringent quality requirements and are subjected to regular checks by recognized, independent test institutes.”


Unlike many traditional brands of formula sold in the U.S., Babylove infant formulas do not contain:


  • GMOs
  • Gluten
  • Processed sugars like corn syrup or cane sugars
  • Synthetic pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Hormones
  • Antibiotics
  • Soy or peanuts
  • Artificial preservatives
  • Synthetic flavors


Formulas for Each Stage of Development


To meet the dietary demands of a growing baby, Babylove offers four different formulas for each stage of development.


babylove BIO PRE



Specifically formulated for newborns, Babylove Bio Organic Initial Milk PRE can be used as a supplement to breastfeeding or by itself as the sole source of nutrition. Although Babylove highly recommends your child be breastfed for as long as possible, if your situation dictates the use of formula, this product is gentle enough to feed your newborn.


Babylove Bio Organic Initial Milk PRE uses lactose as the primary source of carbohydrates and contains probiotic cultures to support healthy gut flora and a healthy immune system. This formula does not contain maltodextrin or starch and therefore, is gentle on the tummy.



Babylove Bio Organic Initial Milk 1 is suitable from birth onwards and unlike the PRE formula, contains added carbohydrates to aid in weight gain. This formula has a smooth, creamy texture and contains bifida cultures to help support good gut bacteria.



Babylove Bio Organic Initial Milk 2 is formulated for the diet of a baby who is beginning to source some of his nutrients from solid food (6 months and up). Higher in fats, this formula is designed to help satiate a child who may not be satisfied with breastfeeding or formula alone. Just like stages PRE and 1, Babylove Bio Organic Initial Milk 2 contains probiotic fibers to promote a healthy digestive system.



Babylove Bio Organic Initial Milk 3 provides a baby (10 months and up) with the calories she needs to maintain an increasingly active lifestyle. To meet the needs of an older, active baby, DM has added more carbohydrates. As with all of the Babylove infant formulas, this formula also contains gut-supporting probiotics.


Questions About Babylove Formulas?


For a complete ingredient list and more detailed information about each of the Babylove formulas we offer, please see each products specific webpage. If you have additional questions about Babylove formulas, please contact our customer care department by submitting a contact form.