Why Should You Warm Baby Formula?

Why Should You Warm Baby Formula?

Why Should You Warm Baby Formula?

Does baby formula have to be warm? Medically speaking, no. However, there are benefits to a warm bottle of goodness.

Instructions on any container of baby formula will tell you how to prepare and warm a bottle. Is there a reason why it has to be warm? There may be some times that you have a bottle that is cooler than body temperature. Your baby may not mind, and that is your little one's preference. There are other reasons why a warm bottle of formula is preferred.

Babies Have Trouble Regulating Their Body Temperature

Especially in the first few months, your baby is still working on regulating body temperature. Even premature babies who had to spend time in the incubator as a “feed-and-heat” baby are trying to stay warm and comfortable. A warm bottle will prevent them from losing all of that precious body heat.

Babies Have Trouble with Cold Formula In Their Stomach

Your baby's digestive system is still developing, so you provide them with formula that is gentle on their tummy. If you choose the wrong food, it can cause discomfort. The same is true if their formula is too cold. Cold formula may be connected to colic. Room temperature may be fine, but straight from the refrigerator may be too much for their bellies

Babies Prefer Warm Baby Formula

The best food for any baby is breast milk. Breast milk comes from the mother at body temperature. For that reason, it makes sense that a baby would also want their formula to be at body temperature as well. In some cases, warm water may help the powder dissolve better. This makes a smoother, tastier feeding.