Why Should You Consider Holle Stage 4?

Why Should You Consider Holle Stage 4?

When Should You Consider Holle Stage 4?

Your loyalty to Holle has helped your baby achieve great milestones. What can Stage 4 do for your baby?

Baby formula is the primary source of nutrition for your baby from birth to their first birthday. Companies like Holle have a stage that is designed for toddlers as well. When should you consider this Demeter-quality product for your growing child?

Quality of Milk

Yes, you can buy organic milk in most stores these days. However, what are the chances that you live near a Demeter-certified dairy in the United States? According to the Demeter USA website, there are only four that practice this model of holistic farming. If you want your child to consume the milk that is ideal for the soil, the animals, and the communities that surround them, Demeter-certified milk is the best of the best.

If you don't live close to New York, Idaho, Colorado or Montana, then a toddler milk like Holle Stage 4 allows you the chance to continue the goodness as a part of a balance diet of solid foods consumed like the rest of the family. It can be a drink like whole milk for toddlers or as the liquid for mixing cereals and porridges.

Quality of Ingredients

Just like the other stages of Holle formula, Stage 4 is a Follow On formula that is 99% organic. The milk itself is from biodynamic agriculture out of Germany. Their milk passes organic certification requirements that are more strict than those in the United States. The remaining main ingredients – whey powder, vegetable oils, starch, and maltodextrin – are all from organic agriculture.

Everything Your Toddler Needs

Holle Stage 4 is great for little ones who are not ready to transition into whole milk just yet. It may be a taste preference or the need for extra nutrition. For others, it may be that they still need a milk product that is easy to digest. When it comes to your child's nutritional needs, Holle Stage 4 has the protein, vitamins, minerals, and iron that is important to their continued growth and wellness. It even contains the omega-3 fatty acids that support brain and nervous system development.

Nothing Your Toddler Doesn't Need

The choice to feed your child organic foods is a choice for wholesome food without preservatives and additives. Holle Stage 4 does not add extra sugar to sweeten it. It is naturally sweet and creamy with a taste your toddler has loved. It also does not have any extra fillers. Everything that is put into this formula is satisfying and the ideal accompaniment to the table food that they are eating now. No colors, no synthetic ingredients, no GMOs, nothing that your child does not need. Even though your child is getting older, it doesn't mean that they have to start eating poorly.

If your one-year old is not ready for whole milk or you just want to continue the goodness of Holle products, then Holle Stage 4 can be your next step in your little one's nutrition.