Which Maltodextrin Formula is Organic?

Which Maltodextrin Formula is Organic?

Which Maltodextrin Formula is Organic?

There are different types of carbohydrates used in baby formula. What is maltodextrin and which organic baby formulas use it?

Maltodextrin is made from starch whether it is from corn, rice, or potatoes. While it makes a great thickener, it also helps balance the sweetness in formula since it is typically flavorless on its own. Not every organic baby formula manufacturer uses maltodextrin. Some use it exclusively while others combine it with other carbohydrates like lactose.

When you are looking for organic baby formula, strongly consider those that are made in Europe. These products follow organic certification guidelines that are more strict, plus the maltodextrin that is used in these formulas come from organic farming practices.

Hipp Organic Baby Formula

Hipp baby formula from Germany is one of the leaders of organic baby formula. Typically it uses lactose as it is the carbohydrate found in breast milk. However, there are some products that use maltodextrin as a natural, organic thickener.

The Special Anti Reflux formula is one example. The thicker formula helps reduce spit ups due to locust bean gum and maltodextrin. Another product, Special Comfort, aids digestion when your baby is dealing with excess gas, colic, or constipation.

Holle Organic Baby Formula

Also from Germany, Holle is known for producing Demeter-quality products. This line of baby formula is made using the highest standards in biodynamic farming from cows and crops that were raised with balance to the environment in mind.

Maltodextrin is the primary carbohydrate used by Holle. This is the case in all of its stages of cow milk formula as well as goat milk formula.

Lebenswert Organic Baby Formula

Lebenswert is a division of Holle and follows the organic guidelines of Bioland. Bioland is the largest organic-food association in Germany. Their standards in organic farming and food preparation surpass the minimum organic requirements established by the European Union.

While lactose is the carbohydrate of choice in Lebenswert First Milk Stage 1, maltodextrin is part of the ingredient list in Follow On Stage 2 and Stage 3.

Maltodextrin is just one of the carbohydrates of choice when it comes to organic baby formula. These high quality formulas meet high standards of good nutrition for your baby.