Which European Formulas Can Help Your Baby with Gas, Constipation and Bloating

Which European Formulas Can Help Your Baby with Gas, Constipation and Bloating

Its 3 AM and you have been up all night with a screaming baby. You are exhausted and your baby is miserable. Could it be something he ate? Yes it could! Unfortunately there are a lot of ingredients in formulas that can cause gas, constipation and bloating; making your baby miserable. If your baby already has a compromised health situation and is dealing with these symptoms as a result, regular formula could be compounding the situation. In general, a switch to a natural, organic formula will, if nothing else, negate the harsh effects that chemicals and additives have on the gut, and improve GI symptoms. Often though, gut imbalance is behind gas, constipation and bloating. Several of the formulas we offer contain ingredients which directly address GI issues and help to bring the gut back into balance.


HiPP Special Comfort

Hipp Special Comfort formula is specifically designed to help infants with GI issues. Because infants with these issues often have sensitive stomachs, it features smaller milk proteins which are less likely to cause irritation or allergies. Its unique ingredients lessens gas and bloating, while helping to soften stools. Hipp Special Comfort contains prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharide fibers (GOS), like those found in breastmilk. GOS and other prebiotic fibers not only nourish good bacteria colonies in the gut, promoting balance, but also help to soften stools. Oligosaccharides are among the substances which give a breastfed baby’s bowel movements their distinctive softness and texture. Many parent’s report that their baby’s bowel movements began looking more like a breastfed baby’s, after switching to one of these GOS containing formulas. To compliment this, Special Comfort has probiotic cultures to aid in gut health and balance. In addition, it also contains Beta-Palmitate, another substance found in breastmilk, which helps with the metabolism of fats, and calcium absorption. This can lessen the formation of gas and decrease bloating. Beta-palmitate has also been shown to aid in the proper formation of stools and is useful in over-all gut health.  


HiPP Bio Combiotik and HA Combiotik

HiPP has developed two Combiotik lines which help support an infant’s gastrointestinal systems. Both lines combine galacto-oligosaccharide fibers and probiotics to balance the gut, support the immune system and soften stools. HiPP’s Combiotik lines are both formulated to be pure and easy to digest; however, HiPP’s HA Combiotik line is also hypo-allergenic for milk sensitive infants. Depending on the cause of your baby’s GI upset, either one of these products would be useful in lessening gas, constipation and bloating.      



Though Babylove does not make a product specifically for gas, constipation and bloating, their formulas do contain probiotic cultures, which aid in balancing gut flora, and can have a positive effect on GI symptoms.


Holle Goat Formula

Holle’s Goat formula can also be helpful for infants suffering from GI issues. Constipation is often caused by difficulty digesting proteins. Gas and bloating are symptoms of a difficulty in digesting proteins or fat, as well. Though Goat milk has a similar make up to cow milk, its protein and fat structures are different. The protein in goat milk forms smaller curds; and the fat globules are smaller and more evenly distributed. These features of goat milk make it more easily digestible.

Life with a health compromised child is complicated enough without worrying about formula causing more symptoms. Many of these products were designed specifically with GI symptoms in mind. We at hope that bring you these products will make your life a little easier.