When Should You Consider Hipp Stage 2 Formula?

When Should You Consider Hipp Stage 2 Formula?

When Should You Consider Hipp Stage 2 Formula?

You can use Hipp First Milk infant formula from birth to whole milk. So why would you consider stage 2?

European baby formula maker Hipp has infant formula that is organic, wholesome, and ideal for promoting a healthy digestive system. Anfangsmilch, or first milk, is the perfect start for your little one if formula is their first food or you are using it after weaning off of breast milk. But if it is so great, then why would you want to consider Folgemilch, or follow on milk as Stage 2 is called?

Benefits of Hipp Stage 2 Formula

More Advanced for More Developed Digestive System

Stage 2 baby formula is designed for babies ages six months and on. Six months of age is a wonderful time of discovery for babies. At this period, your pediatrician recommends that your baby starts solid foods if you haven't already. Before this time, your little one's digestive system was still developing. This is why there were more spit ups or gas. With Hipp Stage 2, your baby can tolerate new foods. Even though formula will still be their primary source of nutrition, you want to make sure that they are getting enough of the vitamins and minerals they need. This is why there is more iron as well.

More Filling for Hungrier Babies

Your baby is sleeping through the night more, so you want to make sure that your formula is filling enough to keep up with their growth. Sometimes they will devour their solid foods and other days they will pick at it. Stage 2 formula will be their constant nutrition so that you don't have to guess. Also, a fuller tummy promotes good sleep, so your little one can have a more peaceful night's sleep. Even as your baby fills up on cereals, fruits and vegetable purees, they will still want one more bottle before going to bed.

More Fuel for More Active Babies

Your baby is rolling, scooting, sitting up on their own, and crawling. All of this activity means that they need the fuel necessary for all of this work. Lactose is the carbohydrate that comes naturally in breast milk and it is also the energy fuel of choice by Hipp. Hipp only uses organic lactose that comes from organic farming. Even the omega 3 for brain and nervous system development comes from fish oil. These high quality ingredients can keep up with your baby's every move.


This stage of your baby's life is one of wonder and adventure. If you enjoyed Hipp Stage 1 baby formula for its organic qualities, use of lactose as its main carbohydrate, and dedication to supporting your baby's growth and development, then Hipp Stage 2 can continue to satisfy your hungry baby on the move.