Is There An Easy Way to Mix Baby Formula Without Much Mess?

Is There An Easy Way to Mix Baby Formula Without Much Mess?

Is There An Easy Way to Mix Baby Formula Without Much Mess?


Your baby is hungry.  When you rush, the powder starts to fly.  Is there a way to prevent messes?

If you have already made your fair share of baby formula from the powder, you know that when it gets on your counters, it can be a sticky, gritty coating that becomes an ongoing battle.  Four-ounce bottles typically have a wide mouth so that you do not have to worry about precise aim.  The problem comes when the bottles get bigger and the mouths get more narrow.  If you want to be more preventative in bottle preparation, there are a number of options you can follow.


One Day at a Time 

Dedicate a BPA-free pitcher to the amount of baby formula your little one needs in 24 hours.  Instead of focusing one bottle at a time, you can make everything you need for one day and refrigerate it for up to 24 hours.  Your pitcher has a wide mouth, it is easy to pour, and the only time you need is the time it takes to warm up the formula.


There are a number of formula pitchers on the market both in stores and online.  You can check customer reviews or just use your own product from home.  The most important feature it needs to have is a lid that seals well.




Just like the pitcher, you can take advantage of a few minutes of quiet time to measure out the scoops you need.  Small food storage containers are an option, but they are often wider than the bottle mouth.  Some baby formula dispensers for diaper bags have no-spill lids and smaller openings for easier powder pours.  You can also put the formula in the clean, sterile bottle that you plan on using during the day.  The smaller the storage container, however, the less air that will get into the powder.  On humid days, for example, you may find that the powder clumps.



The Right Place for the Job

If the counter is the issue, change where you pour the powder.  Place the bottle in the clean sink so that the powder falls in the sink rather than your counter.  If your sink is full, place the bottle on a plate and let your dishwasher handle the powder. 



The Right Tools for the Job

A funnel works well, but you will have to make sure you have it clean by the next feeding.  A creative mind can construct a similar funnel system, but that can take as much as it would to just pour the powder with the scoop. 




If sticky counters are an issue in your house due to powdered baby formula, consider another way to prepare your baby's formula.  You can be proactive with prepared formula or creative with how you pour your scoops.  Your baby doesn't care


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