Is Hipp Stage 3 Beneficial?

Is Hipp Stage 3 Beneficial?

Is Hipp Stage 3 Beneficial?

You love Hipp as your baby's first formula. What are the benefits of switching to stage 3?

When it comes to organic baby formula, you have one of the best for your baby when you choose Hipp. The biodynamic milk, prebiotic galactooligosaccarides, and lactic acid cultures help your baby happy, healthy, and satisfied. While Hipp Stage is excellent for ages birth and up, your growing baby may need a little bit more to follow them through to life as a toddler.

What Makes Hipp Stage 3 Different?

Hipp Stage 3 is different because it is designed for your older baby in mind. By ten months old, your little one is more active. Solid foods are more incorporated in the diet, so it is important to have a source of primary nutrition that can keep up with these changes.

When you compare Stage 3 with Stage 1, you will find that everything you want in your baby's formula is still there. The greatest difference comes in the amounts of nutrients. This includes calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron. Calcium and phosphorus are important for bone health and strength. Magnesium is also important for bones, but also for muscle and nerve function. Iron is important for making the red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body. After six months of age, your baby is already depleting the iron that was already stored in their body since birth. Iron-fortified foods reduce the risk of anemia.

If your baby is picky about some of the new foods they are trying, needs more nutrients in their diet, or just needs something that can transition them into toddler food, Hipp Stage 3 can be beneficial to them.