Is Baby Formula Vegetarian?

Is Baby Formula Vegetarian?

Is Baby Formula Vegetarian?

If you are raising your baby in a vegetarian lifestyle, you may find it challenging to find the right baby formula. However, times have changed.

A vegetarian lifestyle is a diet that does not include meat and some animal products for reasons that range from religion to health reasons. Some vegetarians are opposed to the treatment of animals and refuse meat for moral reasons. What makes a vegetarian different than a vegan is that vegetarians may still consume dairy and eggs as a source of protein. When it comes to infant nutrition, breast milk is both vegan and vegetarian because it is produced for human consumption. However, not all mothers can or want to nurse.

Once your baby turns one year old, you can start them on whole milk and solids that are in line with your vegetarian lifestyle. However, when it comes to baby formula, you have to look closer at the ingredients to ensure that no other animal products are used. Organic baby formula is a step in the right directions because you are focused on wholesome goodness when it comes to your baby's nutrition. Ingredients that are grown in sustainable farms without the addition of GMOs or pesticides and cows that are raised in caring environments are good reasons to pick from these products.

Which Organic Baby Formula is Vegetarian?

Holle Goats Milk and Goats Milk Infant Follow On Formula 2

Holle is known around the world for its Demeter-quality products because of its biodynamic farming techniques. Its line of Goat Milk formulas is certified organic in the European Union and approved organic baby milk for vegetarian babies. The ingredients are slightly different from the cow's milk line of products, namely the whey used in cow's milk formula which is not recognized as a vegetarian product.

Which Organic Baby Formula is Not Vegetarian?

HiPP Stages PRE through 4 and Hungry Infant Milk

While it still contains all of the wholesome goodness that comes from HiPP, it contains a fish source as a prebiotic and long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, or LCP. The addition of these ingredients to aid digestive health and neurological development means that they are no longer vegetarian.

Lebenswert Bio Organic Baby Formula Stage 1

Lebenswert, a division of Holle, has a list of organic ingredients created through biodynamic farming practices under the guidelines of Bioland farming. While it does not contain LCP, it is not recognized as an appropriate source of nutrition for a vegetarian lifestyle.


The organic baby formula brands found here have your baby's health and development in mind. However, if you are looking for a vegetarian baby formula, you need to look close at the ingredients. Holle Goat Milk Formula is recognized as a vegetarian product. Overall, What you can be confident in is knowing that you will find the best organic products that meet or exceed strict European standards.