How HIPP Special Comfort and HIPP Bio Combiotik® Formulas Can Help with Constipation

How HIPP Special Comfort and HIPP Bio Combiotik® Formulas Can Help with Constipation

How HIPP Special Comfort and HIPP Bio Combiotik® Formulas Can Help with Constipation


A constipated baby is usually a fussy baby …and rightly so. In addition to discomfort, constipation can cause gas, loss of appetite and hard to pass stools.



At, we know firsthand how hard it can be for both baby and parents when constipation is an issue. Constipation can be caused by a number of factors but is usually related to a milk sensitivity or sensitivity to artificial preservatives or additives found in traditional brands of formula. Constipation is also often caused by an allergy or gut flora imbalance.

If your baby has been struggling with constipation, we recommend you try two HIPP infant formulas: HIPP Special Comfort and HIPP Bio Combiotik®. HIPP Special Comfort Formula is formulated to soothe an upset stomach and help promote healthy bowel movements. HIPP Bio Combiotik® contains both prebiotic and probiotic fibers, which helps aid in digestion and support healthy gut flora.

Benefits of HIPP Special Comfort
HIPP Special Comfort infant formula was specifically designed for babies struggling with constipation, excessive gas or colic. Most formulas contain lactose (milk sugar), which is a source of carbohydrates. With regular consumption, lactose can cause the intestines to swell. Inflammation of the stomach can cause constipation and discomfort in some infants.

To reduce the likelihood of inflammation occurring, HIPP has formulated their Special Comfort with a reduced lactose content. To aid in digestion and promote healthy stools, HIPP Special Comfort formula also contains:

Smaller milk proteins
Cow’s milk contains two large proteins – casein and lactalbumin. These proteins can be difficult for some babies to digest and ultimately, cause constipation issues. In their Special Comfort formula, HIPP has broken down the size of the proteins into smaller globules so they are easier to digest.

Evenly distributed fats
The fats found in cow milk are large and just like the proteins found in cow milk, can be hard for infants to break down. To help aid in digestion, HIPP has evenly distributed the fats found in this baby formula.

GOS fibers
GOS fibers are prebiotic fibers, which help support healthy gut flora and help soften bowel movements. GOS fibers are also found in breast milk and are comforting to the stomach.

Natural Lactic Acid Cultures
Too much bad gut flora and not enough good gut flora often cause stomach issues. With the addition of probiotic colonies (lactobacillus fermentum hereditum®), HIPP Special Comfort helps balance gut flora and restore regular stools.

HIPP Bio Combiotik®
Babies who may not seem to have a sensitivity to cow milk, but do suffer from constipation may benefit from HIPP Bio Combiotik®. This smooth and creamy formula contains both prebiotic (GOS) and probiotic fibers. As mentioned above, prebiotic and probiotic fibers help restore a healthy balance of flora to the stomach. And, when gut flora is balanced, the stool is softer and easier to pass.

After using HIPP Bio Combiotik®, many parents have noticed their baby’s stool is softer and more regular.

Success in Resolving Constipation Issues
Although laxatives and prune juice may be necessary for some babies struggling with constipation, we recommend trying either of these two excellent formulas first. Many of our customers have resolved their babies’ constipation issues with HIPP Special Comfort and HIPP Bio Combiotik® formulas.