How Good Night Formulas and Baby Cereals Can Benefit Your Baby

How Good Night Formulas and Baby Cereals Can Benefit Your Baby

How Good Night Formulas and Baby Cereals Can Benefit Your Baby

Most parents can’t wait for their little ones to sleep through the night, but it’s often a long delayed accomplishment. Although many factors contribute to a baby sleeping through the night, if your 6-month or older baby is waking up hungry, it may be time to try a baby cereal or formula designed to keep her satisfied through the night.



Studies have shown the right combination of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins eaten before bed can help both babies and adults sleep better. Fortunately, offers a number of products designed to help your baby sleep better and hopefully, through the night.


Good Night Baby Cereals

HIPP’s Good Night cereals are specifically formulated as a complete solid food meal fed once a day, typically before bedtime. HIPP’s Good Night cereals contain formula and come in a variety of flavors.


Cereals are not only a great way to ensure your little one is getting enough iron; they also help fill her tummy before bed. We offer a great selection of HIPP Good Night cereals:


HIPP Good Night Organic Milk Porridge with Banana and Biscuits

  • Added formula
  • Biscuits for energy
  • Approximately .9 oz. of fresh bananas per 1.5 oz. serving


HIPP Good Night Organic Milk Porridge with Cookies

  • Added formula
  • Cookie flakes for a sweet treat
  • NO added sugar


HIPP Good Night Organic Milk Porridge with Semolina and Banana

  • Added formula
  • Approximately .9 oz. of fresh bananas per 1.8 oz. serving
  • Semolina for nourishing source of energy


HIPP Good Night Organic Milk Cereal with Apple and Oats

  • Added formula
  • Approximately 2 oz. of fresh apples per serving
  • Oats for fiber


Good Night Infant Formulas  

Just like HIPP’s Good Night cereals, HIPP’s Good Night formulas contain both formula and cereal. However, Good Night formulas are designed for bottle-feeding. Designed to help your baby feel satiated longer, Good Night baby formulas will hopefully help her get a better night’s sleep.


HIPP Organic Good Night Milk Formula 6 months +

  • Satisfying, rich formula
  • Filling whole grain rice and buckwheat flakes
  • Gluten free


HIPP Organic Good Night Milk Formula 10 months +

  • Creamy and smooth rich formula
  • Wholegrain oat
  • NO added sugar



Avoid Good Night Cereals and Formulas Before 6 Months of Age

For as long as baby cereals have been around, doctors have advised parents to feed cereals to children as young as 4 months. Although this advice is well intentioned (to prevent low levels of iron), in some cases it can have a detrimental affect on a child’s health.


Children younger than 6 months of age still have delicate and developing digestive systems. Young infants’ stomachs are permeable and in some cases, will allow large particles of undigested food to enter the body. The immune system can view large particles of food as an “invader” and “attack” them. When the immune system attacks, an allergy or sensitivity may develop. Some studies have shown that introducing solid foods too early may lead to autoimmune issues later in life.


As you can see, introducing solid foods to a child less than 6 months of age may pose some health risks. It’s best to discuss solid foods and the risks associated with giving a young infant solid food with your child’s pediatrician.



Why Organic is Best  

With so many baby cereal options, why choose an organic cereal? At, the cereals we carry are made with biodynamic ingredients under strict manufacturing guidelines.  You won’t find any harmful ingredients in the organic cereals we carry – only the purest and safest ingredients.