Holle Stage 1 Vs Stage 2

Holle Stage 1 Vs Stage 2

Holle Stage 1 Vs Stage 2

Holle is the epitome of purity in baby formula. Is it ok to stay with Stage 1, or should you consider Stage 2?

What does your baby need? Love, comfort, and the best nutrition that will keep them growing and thriving. Holle has been just that for years through Demeter farming practices and a dedication to your baby's well-being.

Your baby can start on Holle Stage 1 from birth on. It has all of the nutrition your little one needs with vitamins and minerals along with Demeter-certified milk that comes from cows who have been treated with the greatest of respect. However, there is also Holle Stage 2. Your baby can start Stage 2 around six months of age, about the same time that they are starting solid foods.

What is the Difference Between Holle Stage 1 and Stage 2?

Maltodextrin is in Holle Stage 1 and 2. It gives Holle its creamy, thick texture, but it also balances the sweetness of the formula. The greatest difference between Stage 1 and Stage 2 is the addition of starch in Stage 2. While some younger babies have not developed enough to digest starch easily, it is an ideal addition to a formula that meets the hunger of a baby who is not completely satisfied with Stage 1. Your baby is growing and using more energy as they explore their environment more. The complex carbohydrate gives them more energy to keep up with their curiosity and stays with them longer.

In keeping with Holle's dedication to organic purity, both stages are ideal for growing healthy babies with healthy minds and bodies. Each stage is 99% organic without synthetic additives or highly processed ingredients.

When Should You Switch From Holle Stage 1 to Stage 2?

If your baby is satisfied with the delicious goodness of Holle Stage 1, you can stay with that product all through their first year. If your baby is no longer satisfied, then it is a good time to consider Stage 2 to continue them through to the rest of their infant months.