Holle PRE Formula

Holle PRE Formula


Holle PRE Formula



For Demeter-certified goodness for your newborn, you have a choice that is different than just Stage 1.


Holle is best known as a leader in European organic baby formula that is made with milk from cows that are raised on biodynamic farms that are Demeter-certified. While Stage 1 can nourish your baby from newborn to 12 months, what makes the Holle PRE formula different?


Holle PRE Formula and Lactose


From Stage 1 through 3, Holle uses maltodextrin as the carbohydrate, or sugar, of choice. It is sourced from organic agriculture (either rice, potato starch, wheat or corn) and meets all of the requirements that your baby needs for energy and growth. It does not add any extra, sugary flavor, plus it thickens formula to a creamy consistency along with the milk. It is also easy for your baby to digest, which is important during this developmental period in their life.

Lactose, on the other hand, is the natural sugar found in milk, especially breast milk. Some organic baby formula companies use organic lactose to make it closer to breast milk while others opt for the cheaper alternative. Holle PRE is the only product they make that contains organic lactose.


Why Use Holle PRE Formula?


Whether you want to bottle-feed exclusively or supplement breastfeeding with a quality formula, Holle PRE allows you to feed your baby the way you want. This means your baby can have Demeter-quality milk with organic lactose to make it as close to breastfeeding as you can. If you want that type of quality, but not ready for your baby to start on maltodextrin, then Holle PRE can provide you with that kind of nutrition.