HIPP - uk, dutch, german -Whats the Difference BETWEEN Them?

HIPP - uk, dutch, german -Whats the Difference BETWEEN Them?


What’s the main Distinction between HiPP United Kingdom, Dutch and German?


At OrganicBaby.LA, it is our desire and aim to continually come up with a formula that is appropriate for every single situation. And we keep expanding our formula line for this reason. We have added HiPP’s Dutch (NL) line of Combiotik formulas. A lot of questions have arisen from these over what the main distinctions between the Dutch (NL), United Kingdom (UK) and the German HiPP Combiotik formulas are. Our aim is to carefully iron out your questions. We explain the major distinctions that exist between the formulas and why the distinctions exist.


Why Does HiPP Not Produce the Same Formulas for All Countries?


The main reason behind HiPP’s decision to keep changing its formula for countries is simply due to the fact that the market in each country is different. As a good business practice, HiPP tries as much as possible to satisfy the need of every market. For instance, some countries may love some particular ingredients or substances in their own formula that are not welcome or tolerated by other countries. For this reason, HiPP tailors it’s formulas to everyone’s need.


What main Differences are there between the Three HiPP Combiotik Types?


What actually makes these three formulas from these countries different is the fact that starch and probiotics have been added.


Probiotics- HiPP incorporates specially made probiotics, just like the ones found in breastmilk, into some of its formulated products for babies so as to help offer support and nourishment to the immune system and gut. Every of HiPP’s formula helps in the movement and support of the bowel - this is made possible as a result of the prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) fibers contained in each formula. However, the only formulas that contain probiotics are the Dutch formulas (stages 1 and 2) and the German HiPP Combiotik.


Starch – Starch is an additive which is commonly used, most especially in the formulas of older babies. Unlike milk, the body finds it harder to break starch, so it takes a longer time to digest. The result of this is that it satisfies and fills the stomach more. There are parents who believe that starches aren’t really necessary in formulas, thereby going for products that do not contain them. However the body has a high tolerance for starch and they can be found in many foods in our homes. Whether your preference is for a formula that contains starch or not, Organicco has got the back of everyone


Starch is not added to the Dutch Combiotik formulas and the UK HiPP Combiotic. Only the German formulas (stages 1-3 Combiotik) are found to contain starch.


Despite the fact that each HiPP formula is different, you can absolutely trust in HiPP to provide you with products of impeccable organic quality. If at this stage you are still not sure which formula would be ideal for your baby, please ensure you get in touch with our customer support department and you can be rest assured that we will help you choose the formula that is right for the need of your infant.