Hipp Hypoallergenic Formula

Hipp Hypoallergenic Formula

Hipp Hypoallergenic Formula

Hipp Organic puts in a lot of goodness into their products. This organic baby formula leader has been producing high quality baby foods for over 60 years. One thing that Hipp does well is make organic baby formula that meets your little one's specific needs. Hipp's hypoallergenic formulas are one type of formula that can make a difference in your baby's digestive system.

What is Hipp Hypoallergenic Formula?

Hipp offers a hypoallergenic (HA) formula in Pre, Stage 1, and Stage 2. It mimics breast milk so that it is easy for your baby to digest, especially if your little one has issues with proteins or allergens. The key is the hydrolyzed protein. This means that the milk proteins, which can trigger allergies in some babies, are broken down to even smaller pieces. There is less of a reaction to the protein and fewer tummy troubles for your baby.

Hipp HA comes as a combiotic. This means that there is a prebiotic (oligosaccharides) that is included to help aid digestive health. If your baby has upset stomach, frequent diarrhea, constipation or gas, the combiotic element of the formula can help ease that discomfort. All of the hypoallergenic products are gluten free and meet the nutritional needs of your infant.

What is Different Between Hipp Hypoallergenic Stages?

Hipp HA Pre does not contain any starch. Some products add starch to help your baby feel fuller longer, but that carbohydrate is not required for tiny feeders.

Stage 1 is for babies newborn and up. Stage 1 as well as Stage 2 uses lactose as a carbohydrate, but it is reduced so that it does not aggravate allergies.

Stage 2 is for babies ages six months and up. Unlike the Pre, Stages 1 and 2 contain fish oil that contains long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCP). They are a natural source of EPA and DHA.

How Do You Know if Your Baby Needs Hipp Hypoallergenic Formula?

If there is a history of allergies in your family, it could be passed down to your baby. This is something to discuss with your pediatrician. Milk protein allergy is something that is more common that some parents realize. Changing to a soy-based formula does not remedy the problem. Blood or mucus in the diaper can be an indicator as well as eczema. Gas and constipation can also be alleviated by a hypoallergenic formula. Hipp HA Combiotic formula improves digestive health with the prebiotics as well as reduce the reaction to allergens in the system.