Does Lebenswert Have Iron?

Does Lebenswert Have Iron?

Does Lebenswert Have Iron?

Lebenswert is a great organic formula to fulfill your baby's nutritional needs. Does it contain iron?

Why Do Babies Need Iron in their Formula?

Iron is an important mineral to all humans, especially infants, because it helps carry oxygen from your lungs throughout your body via the red blood cells. Without iron, your baby can develop anemia. Iron is also important for immune function.

For babies, they are born with about six months worth of iron stored up. This helps them maintain healthy cells as they grow quickly in the first few years of live. As it is depleted, it is necessary to ensure that your baby is introduced iron-enriched diet. Vitamin C, which is found in formula and solid foods like fruits and vegetables, aids the absorption of iron. Babies actually need more iron after six months. The recommended daily intake during this period is 11 mg per day compared to 0.27 mg per day for the first six months.

What are the Signs of Anemia?

Slow weight gain or weight loss is one of the symptoms. This can be associated with loss of appetite. Also, fatigue is a symptom as there is not enough oxygen getting to the body. Pale complexion and irritability are some other signs of anemia.

Does Lebenswert Formula Have Iron?

Lebenswert is an iron-enriched formula from stage 1 through stage 3. Even if your baby becomes a toddler, you can still ensure that they are getting enough iron when you use Stage 3 Lebenswert as a toddler milk. Not only do you have the organically pure goodness of Lebenswert milk, but you also know that your child is getting the recommended amount of iron for their growth and development.