Does Hipp Formula Have Probiotics?

Does Hipp Formula Have Probiotics?


Does Hipp Formula Have Probiotics?

You know that Hipp is a combiotic formula, but what does that mean exactly? Does the baby formula contain probiotics?

What is the Difference Between Probiotic and Prebiotic?

Probiotic is the good bacteria that lives naturally in the intestines. These active cultures protect you from harmful bacteria that can cause illnesses. It can also reduce inflammation in the gut.

Prebiotics typically comes from indigestible fiber. While you may not be able to digest it, it is food for your gut bacteria, or probiotics.

Together probiotics and prebiotics create a balance in your digestive system to promote good health throughout your body.

Why Does Hipp Formula Have Probiotics?

All baby formula strive to come close to breast milk because it is the perfect food for babies. One way that Hipp mimics breast milk is the incorporation of prebiotics and probiotics in the formula. Human breast milk contains oligosaccharides as well as different probiotic cultures. The efficiency of pre- and probiotics in breast milk can attribute to the overall good health of breastfed babies, particularly infections in the respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract.

Hipp uses L. fermentum hereditum, a natural lactic acid culture probiotic strain that can survive in the gastrointestinal tract and influence the immune system in a positive way.

Since the early 2000s, research has been conducted to determine the safety of prebiotics and probiotics in infant formula. Not only is it deemed safe, but it also has no adverse results in follow-up studies. One study in 2011 found that the use of a prebiotic infant and follow-on formula reduced the incidence rate of infections.

Infants who were born via cesarean section or prematurely may have less probiotics in their intestines as babies get a dose of probiotics passing through the birth canal. Babies with less probiotics can be more prone to stomach troubles such as upset stomach and sensitivity caused by inflammation.

Later when your baby is discovering solids, you can offer foods that are high in prebiotic fiber such as peas, oats, and bananas. Yogurt is a tasty source of probiotics. Until then, your baby can get those benefits in their infant formula. When you feed your baby Hipp Combiotic formula, you are supporting your baby's gut health with pre- and probiotics. A healthy belly can lead to an overall healthier baby.