Does Baby Formula Powder Have a Lot of Sugar?

Does Baby Formula Powder Have a Lot of Sugar?

Does Baby Formula Powder Have a Lot of Sugar?

Should you be concerned that there is sugar in your child's baby formula?  Maybe you should be more concerned about the type of sugar.

Sugar comes in all names and levels of sweetness.  You crave it or you enhance a dish with it.  Your little may not crave candy yet, but they do know what tastes good.  If you are worried about how much sugar your baby gets in their formula, you need to start thinking about what kind of sugar is put in baby formula.

Why is There Sugar in Baby Formula?

Sugar is important in baby formula because it is a carbohydrate.  Everyone needs to consume some kind of carbohydrate, and sugar is one that is easy to digest.  Some sugars are able to naturally thicken formula.  It is like a two-for-one deal when it comes to ingredients.  More than anything, sugar is used to make the product more acceptable.  

Is Sugar in Baby Formula Bad?

No.  Numerous parents will promote the virtues of breastfeeding because there is sugar in baby formula.  What those parents may forget is that breast milk has lactose, a combination of galactose and glucose which naturally sweetens breast milk.  The difference is that it has a lower glycemic index (45) than table sugar, also known as sucrose (65) or or corn syrup (100).  It is also less sweet than many of the other sugars that are added to baby formula.

Many national brands of baby formula will use corn based sugars that are cheap or add too much sweetness to the flavor of the formula.  Even partially hydrolyzed formulas have a stronger odor, and a sugar that has a sweeter flavor and higher glycemic index makes it more tolerable to your baby.  Sugar in baby formula can be bad when it is chemically or genetically modified. 

Which Baby Formula Does Not Have a Lot of Sugar? 

The European Union was concerned about the impact of sugar to obesity and overfeeding.  That is why they banned it from their baby formulas.  Sucrose, corn syrup, brown rice syrup, and cane sugar are still sweeteners that are used in baby formulas in the United States. 

You can find baby formula brands that use lactose.  It is closest to breast milk, but can be more expensive.  Lactose, particularly organic lactose, is available in HiPP baby formulas.  Another sweetener that has a lower level of sweetness is maltodextrin.  While its glycemic index is high (110), it is still made from glucose but in a more complex way.  This is the sweetener of choice by Holle.

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