Does Baby Formula Expire?

Does Baby Formula Expire?


Does Baby Formula Expire?


There are so many different ways to interpret the date stamped on your foods. What does it mean for your baby's formula?

You have “best if used by” dates and “expiration” dates. Sometimes we can smell a product and feel comfortable with using it. Other times we go ahead and eat something even though it is not its freshest or crunchiest.

Baby formula is different because you have to make that decision for your little one. If you are bottle-feeding exclusively for the first six months, it is the only thing they eat. Chances are you will buy in bulk for the economic value. You may use all of the discounts and coupons that you have acquired over time. What happens to your formula when it reaches the stamped date on the container?


What Does the Stamp Mean on Your Baby Formula Package?

All baby formula sold in the United States must have “use by” dates. This is a requirement of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This rule means that the food that you provide for your infant is consumed during its time of freshness, but also has the same level of quality, safety, and nutrition.

Over time, packaged foods lose these qualities compared to what is stated on the label. This is because it starts to deteriorate, break down, and give off a strong odor. If your baby consumes expired formula, they will be affected by side effects that come with food-born illnesses including excess gas and vomiting. These symptoms only get worse with long-term use. As the primary food for your little one, you want to keep them healthy by providing them with safe formula that has all of the calories, vitamins, and minerals that help them grow and thrive.

When it comes to the European baby formulas here on, the date stamped on the package is the “use by” date as well. The number order is also different compared to what you may be familiar with. Date stamps in the U.S. go MONTH DATE YEAR while date stamps in Europe go DATE MONTH YEAR. There is a big difference between 6/12/2018 and the sixth of December 2018.


What Can You Do With Baby Formula Near Expiration?

Whenever you purchase baby formula, make sure that you put the oldest first so that you can use it sooner. If you know that you have too much, see if you have any friends who can take it off of your hands before it expires. You can also try donating it, but some organizations have guidelines and may worry that they won't be able to give it to anyone before it reaches its “use by” date.