Coconut Water and Infant Formula

Coconut Water and Infant Formula


Coconut Water and Infant Formula



If you love the refreshing qualities of coconut water, you may consider it for your infant. Is it safe?


Coconut water has a number of benefits. It is excellent when you need to hydrate. It also replaces vitamins and minerals in your body even after a fever. If you are dealing with constipation, the bioactive enzymes alleviate those symptoms and gets you back on track. When you are dealing with a urinary tract infections, coconut water can flush out the bacteria when you don't have cranberry juice nearby.

Your baby can have the same symptoms as you do. Since coconut water is a natural refresher with benefits, what would happen if you shared it with your baby?


Can You Give Your Baby Coconut Water in Infant Formula?

Infant formula is full of vitamins and minerals which are balanced for your baby's digestive system. Manufacturers produce it with the full intention of using water to reconstitute the powder. The nutritional information does not take into account the additional sugar, calories, and sodium. If you used coconut water for every bottle, that is a lot of extra calories and sweetness that your little one does not need.

It is not necessary to substitute plain water with coconut water when you are mixing your infant's formula. While bottles of water are easily accessible, it may be able to help you in a bind if that is all you have in your bag. If you are seriously considering it for a longer duration of bottle feedings, talk with your baby to see if those extra ingredients would benefit your little one.


Can You Give Your Baby Coconut Water to Drink?


For the first six months, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) strongly recommend that babies exclusively consume breast milk or formula. Any other foods can be introduced after that. When it comes to healthy drinks, the AAP suggests to introduce juice until your child is a toddler. If introduced prior to their first birthday, it needs to be limited and free of added sugars and sweeteners.

Like fruit juices, coconut water is naturally sweet. However, it is high in sodium and comes with additional calories. Your pediatrician may recommend that you wait until your baby is a little older to introduce coconut water as a part of their natural diet.