Can You Make Your Own Baby Formula?

Can You Make Your Own Baby Formula?

Can You Make Your Own Baby Formula?

If you could save money and know exactly what you feed your infant, would you make your own baby formula?


For some people, the idea of feeding your baby for free or less money is appealing.  Some mothers cannot nurse, so they cannot provide the cheapest, best food for their little one.  Baby formula is made for infants to meet all of their nutritional needs before they are ready for solids and cow's milk.  There are plenty of homemade baby formula recipes on the Internet, but does that mean that you should?


Yes, You Can Make Your Own Baby Formula

It is possible to provide your child with fresh, healthy formula that is made from home.  You can know exactly what is going into their food, be able to pronounce it, and be confident that you have met all of their nutritional needs. 



No, You Should Not Make Your Own Baby Formula

If there is any reason why experts advise mothers against homemade baby formula, it is because the risks outweigh the benefits.



Risks of Making Your Own Baby Formula:

  • Some ingredients are not safe for your baby's developing digestive system. Some recipes call for raw milk that could contain bacteria, or they recommend foods like chicken liver and bone broth that has nutrients and vitamins that exceed your baby's necessary intake.
  • Contamination potential is high. While your kitchen may be spotless, it does not meet the cleanliness guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration or the European Union.  These organizations make sure that commercial formulas pass inspection as they collect and analyze samples.  Unless you have a laboratory in your home, you may not be able to come close to those high expectations.
  • Nutrition can be off balance. Some of the ingredients that you cannot read on the baby formula label are actually important to your baby's nutrition.  The scientific names for vitamins and minerals are posted rather than their recognizable name.



If you want to make sure that your baby is getting all of the nutrition needed for a baby formula, look at the brands and types of formula you are considering.  Look at the list of ingredients and find out what they truly mean.  If you are concerned about the ingredients and how they are produced, look into organic baby formula.  While the organic brands must meet FDA and certified organic regulations in the United States, the guidelines for products out of the European Union are more strict.  Brands such as Hipp, Holle, and Lebenswert knows not only what ingredients go into each container, but also what goes into the milk and plant-based products they use.  Even though it costs more than making your own baby formula, the


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