Can Baby Formula Be Mixed With Tap Water?

Can Baby Formula Be Mixed With Tap Water?

Can Baby Formula Be Mixed With Tap Water?

When you have organic baby formula like Lebenswert for your baby, is it ok to mix it with tap water?

All water is H2O, but not all water is the same. Some of it is treated, purified, fortified, and even sparkling. Is it ok to use it from the tap?

Do You Drink Your Tap Water?

If you have a municipal water supply, then it is likely to be good. The water department regularly monitors the public water supply to ensure that it is free of contaminants. Of course you would not drink the warm water straight from the faucet. That is because there is a higher chance that lead has leeched into the water.

If your tap water comes from a public or private well, that water is not as purified and controlled. There may be nitrates in the water as well as minerals that are not always filtered. Also, if you boil well water, you can actually increase the concentrate of nitrates. For that reason, you should never mix your baby's formula with well water from the tap.

Is Your Tap Water Treated?

Tap water is often treated with fluoride. This can be a good thing, however too much of a good thing can cause problems. Fluoride is already in most baby formulas. Hipp, Holle, and Lebenswert do not add extra fluoride into their organic baby formulas, but there are trace amounts of element that occurs naturally. In fact, Lebenswert has 0.008 mg per 100 mL serving in the Stage 1 Infant Milk. Since it is present, you would not want to exceed safe amounts as it can lead to enamel fluorosis, or a discoloration of the teeth.

Chances are, your tap water is only as healthy as your carbon water filter. Run off can get into the water supply and be contaminated with chlorine byproducts, insecticides and fertilizers, and nitrates. Even your house pipes can contribute with lead. The filter on your faucet can only deal with so much.

Do You Take Chances?

If you are confident in your water supply, your public water safety department, or the analysis report on your water quality, then yes, you can mix baby formula with tap water. If there is a hint of uncertainty, you can still invest in bottled water that limits your baby's exposure of contaminants. When you choose organic baby formula to supplement breast milk or as your baby's primary source of nutrition, it makes sense that everything you put into that bottle is clean and pure.